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A Career in Wellness Coaching

By: Ian Murnaghan BSc (hons), MSc - Updated: 29 Mar 2018 | comments*Discuss
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It seems that most of us have the hope to be successful, healthy and happy but getting there is probably the biggest challenge. In fact, knowing where to start is the important first step to attaining your goals – or perhaps just understanding what those goals are for your future. What if you could choose a career that lets you help people attain all of their goals?

Choosing a Wellness Coaching Career

Enter the wellness coach, who can help people clarify their goals and make a plan for the best way to do anything from improving their health and fitness to reaching financial goals or achieving their best in school or their career. In fact, a wellness coach can even work with people who struggle to socialise and make friends.

There is virtually no limit to the areas of a person's life where a wellness coach can offer support and guidance. In this sense, a career in wellness coaching can suit many people with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. However, all wellness coaches share an important trait – to help people be their best.

Health, Nutrition and Fitness

Health and nutrition is one area where a wellness coach can make an enormous impact. For this specialty, a background in personal training or the life sciences would be particularly helpful. Any qualification such as a trained dietitian would also be an advantage. Your clients might want to lose weight or train for a marathon. Or, perhaps they want to eat healthier to improve signs and symptoms from a disease.

Financial Goals

Another interesting and important area that you might cover if you work as a wellness coach is the financial aspect of a person's life. As such, people with economics backgrounds can even do well in the role of a wellness coach, particularly if they want to specialise in helping people to overcome financial barriers.

You might simultaneously provide support for a client's emotional well-being after they declared bankruptcy. Then, you might work with your client to help them rebuild their finances and make productive changes in how they manage their money.

Personal Growth and Development

People who are sociable don't always realise that for some people, communicating doesn't come naturally. There are many people who shy from social situations or they struggle to make friends. Wellness coaches can work with people to help increase their confidence and their ability to successfully communicate.

A person's goal may be to socially interact more often or they may want to spiritually enhance their lives. A wellness coach can help all of these different goals. They work by helping to provide a clear outline of what a person wants to attain and then they work within that person's lifestyle, personality and attributes to help them find the best way to get there.

Alternative Treatments

Many wellness coaches specialise in alternative health treatments to relax clients and leave them feeling confident, positive and capable of making changes to their lives. Wellness coaches can sometimes have backgrounds in a number of therapies such as Reiki, acupuncture, counselling and herbal treatments. They may employ these therapies along with listening skills and advice about how a client can make the most of their life.

Becoming a Wellness Coach

As you can likely see, there are virtually endless paths to becoming a wellness coach. Many successful wellness coaches have come from very different backgrounds but all have an empathy for their clients and the desire to help their clients succeed in all aspects of life. You should be an excellent listener and have a logical, clear way of thinking and speaking.

Pay varies tremendously, depending on your own abilities as a wellness coach and the place of employment. Many wellness coaches work independently while others work collectively in a group of health professionals to provide an integrative health service.

No matter what path you take to become a wellness coach, no doubt you will excel in the career if you maintain your commitment and passion for helping people to live better lives and ultimately, do what your career title says – live 'well'.

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Hi there, I would love to go into something like this. I would really love to work in a mind and wellness resort abroad and I think I'd be really good at doing something like this. Helping peoples minds, helping them see the bigger picture and their capabilities etc. Could you tell me some more about this please. Kind regards and hope to hear from you soon, Sophie.
Sofs - 29-Mar-18 @ 8:19 PM
T5fitnessabdmotivati - Your Question:
My passion is to help others reach there goals and help people get there old self back and creating a better vision of them selves.I need help to get to the career my soul tells me is right.Which is becoming a Wellness Coach.

Our Response:
Good luck to you, we hope it works out!
AHealthCareer - 30-Sep-16 @ 12:14 PM
My passion is to help others reach there goals and help people get there old self back and creating a better vision of them selves.I need help to get to the career my soul tells me is right.Which is becoming a Wellness Coach.
T5fitnessabdmotivati - 29-Sep-16 @ 6:39 PM
Hi, I am interested to know more about the above course. Many thanks. Michelle Georgiou
mrsg - 28-Sep-16 @ 12:45 PM
Hi SorayaI typically work with heart based business owners such as yourself to develop an income as a health coach. I would be interested to talk with you about the possibility if s working together.
The Lifestyle Leader - 4-Mar-15 @ 11:40 AM
@Soraya - as with many holistic type therapies there is little structure to the position and theoretically a 'wellness coach' or health coach, can open up their own business with little training. However, should you want to be a healthcare employer then you generally would be expected to have a degree in subjects such as social work, counselling or psychology and possess additional skills applicable to the role such as fitness and nutrition. Given that this is very much a concept that has come via the USA and is gathering pace here, you could perhaps look at job sites and see if there are any wellness coach jobs advertised and what sort of qualifications they are asking for. I hope this helps.
AHealthCareer - 20-Jan-15 @ 11:56 AM
Recently I have been seriously thinking about doing a course to become a Wellness Coach. Given my background in complementary therapies (qualified Homoeopath and Massage Therapist) and my personal experience in practicing yoga and meditation, this seems the right job that allows me to combine all the ingredients in a way in which I can help others whilst doing something I love. Finding concrete information in this field is not so easy. Could you send me some comments/info? I will need to earn a living with this job so I need as much realistic prospects as possible. Thanks in advance for your kindness and your time.
Soraya - 18-Jan-15 @ 4:34 PM
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