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Health and Hospital Administration

By: Ian Murnaghan BSc (hons), MSc - Updated: 13 Apr 2013 | comments*Discuss
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If organising clutter is gratifying for you and the idea of maintaining health records to promote patient health and confidentiality seems like an interesting career, then look into the options of a health and hospital administration career. The training varies but you can find careers that range from a low end of simply a certificate or diploma in the field to a lengthier education involving a bachelor's degree or a graduate level degree. Overall, there is no single path that is required to obtain a career in health and hospital administration.

Understanding Health and Hospital Administration

The field for health and hospital administration is a very broad one that encompasses many areas. You can work in public health, hospital records, epidemiology and health promotion or a more finance-oriented role in administration. The possibilities are quite diverse and most people will find that there is a place for them to succeed in health and hospital administration, provided they have a passion for healthcare and a focus on improving patient outcomes through their work.

Coursework for health administration will likely include epidemiology, health education, clinical hospital care and the legalities of healthcare, finance, medical economics, and marketing. Some students will even take classes in law and psychology. Often, a practical work experience placement is performed to enhance skills and give students an accurate sense of the health and hospital administration field.

Those who choose to train as health and hospital administrators will develop excellent management skills as well as a strong ability to organise records while communicating with many different medical and health professionals. The opportunities are virtually limitless in this area, with many graduates working as administrators for nursing homes or hospitals. Some graduates may even work in budgeting and health analyst departments. Another area where graduates will find the right career is in their local health department, where they perform administrative duties. It is also good to keep in mind that areas such as non-profit organisations often hire people with skills and education in health and hospital administration. Those who complete graduate degrees may work in higher paying positions as consultants. You can also choose to specialise in many areas such as public health administration.

Your Career in Public Health Administration

Public health administration has a focus on preventing disease in the general community as well as promoting good health. In one sense, a public health administrator will aim to improve clinical health outcomes of the general community and will direct organisations that distribute health information. Most public health administrators will work at the national, government level while others work for non-profit organisations. One of the key roles of a public health administrator is outreach service to the public. They might educate the public on the ways to prevent sexually transmitted diseases or provide information on how to prevent poisoning in the home. Public health administrators also have a special role in the sense that they work directly with the public but they also work in business and finance where they formulate budgets, hire staff and run the office. They may even work as writers to create grant proposals and they may also work in fundraising.

A Health and Hospital Administration Career for Almost Anyone

Working as a health or hospital administrator is challenging work because it requires a fine balance between meeting the needs of the public and doing so within strict budgets. A health or hospital administrator needs the confidence and tenacity to deal with intense demands from other health professionals while balancing a tight budget. Strong negotiation skills can be enormously important for some roles as a health and hospital administrator, whether that involves patients or colleagues in the field. Given the broad and diverse nature of a health and hospital administration career, you will probably find that the work is quite rewarding and rarely boring. You will also gain the immense satisfaction that comes with completing your work under the typical health care budget and time constraints, while you simultaneously provide a solid health framework for patients.

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i am realy impressed about the health and hospital administration work career and i would like to see myself working as a health and hospital administration as i will be doing what i like because i have a tender care about other people's health so right now i am studying diploma in sports science so how can i be a health and hospital administrator from now on?
roger - 13-Apr-13 @ 9:57 PM
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